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Ficha de la oferta

LOGISTICIAN_North East Syria (based in Dohuk Irak)

- ONG y servicios sociales

He/She will support directly the establishment of the base and start-up of the project in a new area of Kobane.

The successful candidate will be based in Dohuk, Northern Iraq (Kurdishtan Iraq).

The successful candidate will be part of the mission team and will reports to Field Coordinator NES.

Willingnes to cover other responsibilities, e.g. to manage the cashbook, HR process etc. on behalf of the FieldCo /AdminCo

• Follow up of activities and definition of objectives

Describing and analysing his activity in its environment:
- Compiling and analysing logistics statistics concerning the logistics family/ies under his responsibility
- Drawing up reports for the desk and teams in order to provide monitoring of the mission and participating in decision making (sitreps, activity reports, visit reports, etc.)

Participating in discussions on the running of the projects and the definition of objectives for his part of activities:
- Participating in the detection of (visits and looking for information) and rapid response to emergencies
- Participating in the surveillance of project operations
- Setting up the base
Setting up the new project sites

Implementation of programmes (for the logistics family/ies under his responsibility)

Organising and supervising the running of logistics under his charge in the capital:
(give details of the points for each paragraph)
(organisation chart, job descriptions, management, training, control procedures etc.)

Planning and following up logistics programmes under his charge in accordance with medical and logistical needs:
(overview, priorities, budget, technical choices, detailed supervision of projects, etc.)

Organising and managing the running of logistics for the parts of projects concerning him:
(briefing, visits, personnel, support for field log, etc.)

Ensuring that resources and equipment are maintained properly and renewed as necessary in order to be adequate for the needs of the logistics family/ies under his charge:
(equipment and needs, procedures, fleet management, anticipation, planning, renewal, etc.)

Setting up and monitoring the application of MdM procedures:
(drawing up procedures, applications, follow up, re-adjustment, etc.)

Carrying out financial management of the logistics family/ies under his responsibility:
- participate in drawing up the logistics budget and its revisions
- monitoring the budget with regard to expenditure

Human resources management

Team composition
- Defining the posts required for his activity and drawing up job descriptions
- Organising the recruitment of personnel for his activity (with the support of the Admin coordinator)
- Organising the replacement of absent personnel in coordination with supervisors

Managing the team
- Organising and supervising the work of his team members
- Leading and organising regular team meetings
- Organising the circulation of information within his team
- Identifying the personnel showing potential within his team

Individual reviews
- Carrying out annual individual reviews of supervisors under his responsibility and delegating the responsibility for carrying out reviews of other personnel

Ongoing training
- Defining the training needs of his team with the project objectives in mind
- Participating in the training of his team by supporting individuals in their work

Administrative framework
- Adhering to internal regulations regarding working hours and any other issues that may arise

LOGISTICIAN_North East Syria (based in Dohuk Irak) (Cooperación internacional)
1 Vacante(s)

País de la oferta: REPÚBLICA ÁRABE SIRIA
Ubicación en el extranjero: Dohuk, Northern Iraq (Kurdishtan Iraq)


Experiencia Laboral Al menos 3 años
Estudios mínimos Diplomatura
Academic: University Degree. Valuable: Studies related to logistic and security.
Desirable: A Master in International Cooperation and/or Humanitarian Aid//Engineer studies


• Language requirements: High level of spoken and written English. Valuable: Arabish or Kurdish
• Computer requirements: Office pack user level.

The successful candidate must have:

• At least 3 years’ experience in similar positions.
• Previous experience in emergencies contexts
• Previous experience in armed conflicts and/or Middle East region
• Demonstrable experience in Security management

-Thoroughness and self-sufficiency at work.
- Strong communication (written and spoken) and interpersonal skills with experience in managing a diverse team of local employees
- Stress management
- Willing and able to work productively in a challenging environment
- Cultural awareness and adaptability
- Good team work and networking skills
- Strict compliance with the safety protocols established for the country and MdM mission
- Alignment with principles and ethics of Medicos del Mundo

To join immediately
Contract length: 3 months (with possibility to extension)

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